Did you know that many of the books, DVDs, magazines, newspapers and other services that you enjoy at our library are made possible with donations from our patrons, local organizations and businesses?  Every year, in addition to the support that the library receives from the City of Northampton, Lilly Library must raise close to $50,000 to maintain our current level of services.

So how do we do it?  We do it one dime, one dollar at a time.  Typically, we reach this goal through the gifts of our patrons. Many are gifts given in Memory  or Honor of someone that they hold dear.  A special bookplate is inserted in the front of the book that states it is In Memory / Honor of … .   We sometimes receive gifts to Honor a Birthday.  This is especially popular for our youngest patrons, and, of course, the designee is the first one to see the new book when it arrives!

When you Donate Now! you can specify the amount of your gift, or choose one of the selected amounts.  You can make your gift a one-time gift, or, for continuing support, you can make it monthly, quarterly, or annual.  It is all up to you!  If you have a favorite area of the collection that you want to support, you can designate that area for the use of your gift.  We will honor your request and purchase as you requested.  For instance, if you would like your donation to be used to purchase mystery books, that will be done.  Or, if you want your donation to support programs for children, then it will be used for that purpose.

We need and appreciate your support!  Thank you for being a part of Lilly Library!

Please consider Donating Now!