Community Meeting Room


Community Room Use Policy

The Lilly Library affirms the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights policies “that all libraries are forums for information and ideas,” and specifically policy number VI (six) which states: “libraries which make exhibit spaces and meeting rooms available to the public they serve should make such facilities available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.” In accordance with this policy, the Lilly library makes the Community Meeting Room available to Northampton-based, not-for-profit  groups and organizations [“Users”] that do not charge a fee for the meeting.

The Library and Board of Trustees do not endorse Community Room users’ beliefs, policies or programs. Users may not state or suggest that the Lilly Library, the Library Board of Trustees, or the library staff sponsor or endorse the meeting,  group, organization or ideas.

Library staff will not accept reservations or sign-ups on behalf of Community Meeting Room users. Groups or organizations may not include the library’s phone number in their publicity materials or invite potential attendees to contact the library. 

The Lilly Library, the Library Board of Trustees, the Library Director, library employees, and library volunteers are not responsible for the loss, theft, or damage of Users’ property in the library or Community Meeting Room.

Users may make up to two reservations in a two month period, no more than one reservation per month.  After those two months have passed, they may again make another two reservations. 

Terms, Conditions, and Eligibility.


  • The Community Meeting Room is free of charge to nonprofit and not-for-profit organizations [“Users”] based in Northampton.
  • The Room is available during library business hours.
  • Users may not charge a fee for meetings or events at the Community Meeting Room. 
  • The Lilly Library strongly suggests and greatly appreciates donations.


  • Requests are accepted on a first come, first served basis and subject to availability. 
  • Room use is limited to once a month, unless approved by the Library Director.
  • The Community Room may be booked a maximum of two months in advance and no more than two reservations may be held at one time.
  • No additional reservations may be made until all the current reservations are used.


Take good care of the Community Meeting Room. Library staff does not provide meeting support, room set-up, or equipment troubleshooting. The Lilly Library has no full-time custodial staff. Community Meeting Room users are responsible for cleaning up and returning the rooms to their original condition. 

  • Include set-up and clean-up time in the request. Example: if your reservation ends at 7:00PM, clean and reset the room by then. Do not end the meeting at 7:00 and then clean until 7:15;
  • Return chairs and tables to their original positions;
  • Remove user materials;
  • Clean up trash and other debris;
  • No smoking, vaping, or alcohol; 
  • Do not exceed the maximum seating capacity of the Community Meeting Room (30 people). 


Library activities and services will be open as usual unless specific announcements are made to the contrary. Such announcements will be made via the library’s voice mail message, 413-587-1500, via TV Stations WWLP Channel 22, and WGGB Channel 40. Signs will be posted at the Library entrances if the Library closes after it has opened. It is the responsibility of the Group to check the listed media for library closings due to weather and/or emergencies. If the library is not open, the group will not be able to meet.

Questions about this policy should be directed in writing to the Director.


501(c)(3) organizations wishing to use the community room outside of library business hours may speak to the Library Director. A key fob is available, at the discretion of the Library Director, to access the foyer, bathrooms and community room. If approved:  

  • Pick up the key fob during normal operating hours.
  • Return the key immediately after using the room by depositing it in the book drop outside the library’s main entrance.
  • Ensure that the building is properly secured after use. Turn off all lights, close all windows, close and lock the doors upon leaving the building.
  • Failure to secure the facilities will result in forfeiture of future Community Meeting Room use privileges.

The Lilly Library Board of Trustees reserve the right to amend this policy or terms of use at any time and to deny any request or cancel any reservation of the Community Meeting Room.

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