Policy – Library Cards

Lilly Library Policy: Library Cards
Adopted February 23, 2009

Any resident, of a Massachusetts community that is certified to receive  State Aid to Libraries Grants, or full-time student in Massachusetts, is entitled to a free library card.  To obtain a card, a library card application must be completed.  At the time of application a  photo ID is required, as well as proof of address.

If the library card is lost, damaged, or destroyed, the patron may replace the card.  To replace a card, the patron’s account must be in good standing, and the patron must pay the library card replacement fee of $2.  A photo I.D. is required at the time of replacement.

Any valid CWMARS library card from a Certified for State Aid Community in Massachusetts, may be used at Lilly Library.

With the signature of a parent or legal guardian accompanied by appropriate identification as described above, a child (birth to 18 years of age) may receive his/her own library card.

Patrons may have only ONE CWMARS Public Library Card.

At Lilly Library, patrons must present their library cards for checking-out library materials, and for using the public access computers.  These services are provided free of charge to patrons with CWMARS library cards that are in good standing.  If there is a block on the library card, then access to checking-out materials and to using the Public Access Computers will be denied until the block is removed from the patron’s account.

Each person must have his/her own card.  Patrons may not use another person’s card.

Parents of children age 9 and under may present the child’s card for check-out of materials for that child.  Massachusetts State Law extends rights of privacy to both adults and children of all ages.  Lilly Library recommends that children receive their own library cards when the children are of age for that responsibility.  While we do not deny children of any age who have parental/legal guardian approval the right to receive a card, we recognize the difficulty for a parent to maintain a child’s library account when access to the contents of the  account is only open to the child per Massachusetts laws of privacy protection.

Interlibrary Loan Materials may be checked-out in advance to the patron requesting the material and picked-up by another person only if prior arrangements have been made by the patron with the library and a note authorizing this party for pick-ups has been placed on the patron’s account.

As a member library of CWMARS, Lilly Library adheres to the General Circulation Policies set by CWMARS.