Children’s Dept. Summer Reading 2020

Now available at the library: book bingo (with delicious prizes at stake!) and grab-and-go crafts. All materials can be picked-up from a table outside the library daily, during normal open hours.

Signs announcing the Lilly Library Storywalk.

Storywalks at Lilly Library are live! Each week, Miss Kim places pages from a storybook on a path around the library. All are welcome to read the story in nature. And, each time you complete the Storywalk, call the library to be entered into a drawing to win copies of books displayed throughout the summer!

Each Monday, Miss Kim replaces the book on the StoryWalk with something new. This week’s book: The Journey of Seeds by Soon-bok Choi

Last week’s book: Love Is My Favorite Thing by Emma Chichester Clark

StoryWalk archive:
Week 1: Bee Dance by Rick Chrustowski.
Week 2: Tinyville Town Gets to Work! by Brian Biggs
Week 3: North Woods Girl by Aimee Bissonette
Week 4: I Just Want to Say Good Night by Rachel Isadora
Week 5: It Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles Green Shaw
Week 6: Possum and the Summer Storm by Anne Hunter
Week 7: A Home in the Barn by Margaret Wise Brown
Week 8: In the Meadow by Yukiko Kato


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