Summer Reading: Make Your Own One-Sheet Zine!

This summer, Lilly challenges you to make a zine. You don’t need any special materials! All you need is: one sheet of paper and any materials you can find around the house (think: markers, pens, magazines, construction paper).

Hold up, what’s a zine? Think of a zine as a DIY magazine/comic/graphic novel, depending on content. A zine is a physical paper-based object that allows a zine-maker to express themselves, without the need to go through a publisher.

This one-sheet zine is a fun way to make both a zine and a poster. You don’t need any type of binding materials (like staples or string), and you don’t have to make any cuts — this design keeps both the poster and the zine intact! One page of your sheet will be all zine content, while the opposite will be a poster.

Here is the layout of the zine page:


This is how your content will look when your zine is completely unfolded. In order to get to the folded format, fold your sheet of paper once width-wise (aka, the short way) and then fold again length wise (while paper is still folded). Your folds will make the paper resemble a (very short) book.

Don’t let the interior of the zine be empty! You can use this side as a poster!


Once you’ve finished your zine, you have options. You can call it a day with the one copy. Or, if you have a printer with a scanner, you can scan each page of the zine to make more copies to hand out to friends (and to Lilly!) If you plan to make more copies, make sure you print double sized! Also, throughout the summer, Lilly is offering free printing up to 50 pages. Click here to upload your zine and get free print-outs.

We want to see what you come up with! Your challenge this summer is to make (at least) one one-sheet zine. You can make it about anything you want! Need inspiration? Make the zine about your family or your pet, write about your favorite TV show or music group. Write about how quarantine makes you feel. Write about your summer reading list. Make your zine about how you want the world to be after the George Floyd protests of this summer. Your zine can be about anything!

If you’d like to share your zine with Lilly, send an email to the YA Librarian at Lilly hopes to collect patron zines and establish a Teen Zine Collection once patrons are able to visit the library in-person again. Save us a copy if you’d like to take part!